About Us

We make our hairbrushes out of natural materials: wood and boar bristle. At each stage of the process (preparation of handles, threading, painting) the work is carried out by hand, what makes our brushes unique. Our brushes are distinguished by high-quality materials, careful workmanship and artistic ornamentation. We encourage you to learn more about our offer.

Anna Kaźmierczak

Corporate fugitive, constantly searching for a different, alternative way of living. Mom of two expressive toddlers. As she says about herself: Working on brushes is like meditation. It’s very time-consuming but also very gratifying. This work is my passion.

face-idIlona Dzierzęcka

A mathematician by profession, lacemaker by avocation (her work can be seen on www.koronkowo.pl website). Her credo: The time I value most is time that passes by slowly. Only time spent this way enables the creation of beautiful products. However, it’s important that these products not only delight the owner but also live every day by fulfilling their purpose…




Interview in with Anna and Ilona – link